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In November 2022, the National Upholstery Association held a Pricing Survey. We asked respondents how much they charge for various upholstery services.

We've created a fun, interactive dashboard so you can see the answers from everyone in the US or from just your geographic area!

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The NUA is proud to announce a scholarship opportunity for aspiring upholsterers, generously funded by The Workroom Channel, Custom Workroom Conference (CWC), and our Industry Partners. This scholarship aims to support the professional growth and development of upholsterers by providing them with the opportunity to attend the prestigious 2024 Custom Workroom Conference in Providence, Rhode Island.

This scholarship is open to all novice or apprentice upholsterers looking to advance their careers, regardless of NUA member status.


Mentorship Program

Our Newest Member Benefit!

We are pleased to announce the launch of the National Upholstery Association’s Mentorship Program! This exciting new benefit is available to all active NUA members.

Members have the option of participating in this program in three ways: as a mentor, mentee, or peer. Or, you can sign up for all three!

The purpose of the NUA's Mentorship Program is to help break down learning barriers that exist within the upholstery trade. This program aims to connect those who seek knowledge with those who bear knowledge, in order to empower trade professionals and help them gain confidence in their skills.

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A Special thank you to our

Gold Industry Partners

2023 Custom Workroom Conference

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