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NUA's Mentorship Program

[Beta Version]


The purpose of the NUA's Mentorship Program is to help break down the barriers to learning that exist within the upholstery trade. This program aims to connect those who seek knowledge with those who bear knowledge, in order to empower trade professionals and help them gain confidence in their skills.

All members of the National Upholstery Association are eligible to join the mentorship program as a mentor, a mentee, or as a peer (for non-hierarchical knowledge-sharing). If you are not a current NUA member, consider joining today to gain access to this exclusive benefit!

Mentor Benefits

  • Expand your network
  • Build your leadership skills
  • Share best practices
  • Help make a difference in someone's career
  • Benefit from a mutual learning experience
  • Help facilitate a culture of growth and development within the trade
  • Give back to the upholstery community

Mentee Benefits

  • Build your network
  • Get assistance from a seasoned professional
  • Learn best practices
  • Improve your upholstery and business skills
  • Benefit from a mutual learning experience
  • Control your career


What does "beta version" mean? It means that this is the first iteration of our mentorship match program, and that we plan to run the program for a set amount of time (6 months) before re-launching it with improvements.

Although we've surveyed you to determine which skills and goals you wish to be matched on, we don't yet know if we've captured the full scope of what a match can offer. Therefore, we need your help! If at any time during the program you feel that we could do better, please leave us a comment and we'll incorporate it when we re-launch the program at the end of the testing period.

Ready to get started?

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