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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my membership level?

Please email to change your membership level. 

How do I get involved with the NUA? 

Volunteers make our world go round! Learn more about volunteer opportunities here

I’m a member. How do I watch the recorded webinars? 

Log into the website, and click “Log In” in the upper right. 

Click “Learning & Events”, then “Past Webinars - Members Only”. 

I have an idea that I want to share with the NUA. How do I do that? 

The easiest route is to email Keep in mind that we’re an all-volunteer organization and we depend on volunteers to help move new ideas forward, so we also want ideas on *how* it can be accomplished and if you are able to help get the idea off the ground. 

Why should I join the NUA if I’m already in an upholstery Facebook group?

The National Upholstery Association is an official means for the public and other industries to connect with upholsterers and the upholstery trade. Facebook groups are great for skills shares and/or surveying colleagues for problem solving, but a National Association can provide the official face of the industry. 

Is it weird to join the “National” Upholstery Association? Should I start with a local/regional group first? 

We love when upholsterers get together locally and hope to promote that as well. At this time there are no other local associations except for the PUAM in Minnesota. So to get involved with the upholstery trade, the NUA is your best option. 

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